We welcome guests to Indian Hill Club and have created the following policies to ensure your visit is a very pleasant one.


Please click HERE for an immediate link to Google maps to be directed to: 
1 Indian Hill Road, Winnetka, Illinois


All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times while on Club premises. All guests are asked to adhere to Illinois guidelines requiring masks to be worn in the Clubhouse, on the pool deck, and to observe socially safe distancing in all areas.



Gentlemen are requested to wear coats and ties for mid-day lunch and evening dining in the North Porch and Dining Room. Gentlemen are requested to wear coats (ties optional) for mid- day lunch and evening dining in the Kerrigan Grill. Informal attire is acceptable for mid-day lunch and evening dining in the Centennial Room and on the Terrace. Casual or athletic attire worn in conjunction with Club use is acceptable also in the Centennial Room and on the Terrace. Caps are not acceptable in The Clubhouse. Attire must be in good taste and presentable.

Golf and Practice Facilities

Proper attire is required for all players. Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in. Blue jeans, denim of other colors, tights and sweat pants are not appropriate. Shorts must be mid-length or Bermuda length. Tennis, cargo and athletic shorts are not appropriate. Caps must be worn bill forward and may not be worn inside the Clubhouse. Hiking boots and athletic cleats are not appropriate for golfing. Spikes must be of the soft variety.

The Lodge and Summer House

Casual and sports attire, including denim, is acceptable in The Lodge and the Summer House. All attire must be presentable, free from rips, tears or fringed hems. All attire must be worn in a respectable fashion, for example, pants at the waist. Caps are prohibited as is clothing with offensive messages.


Appropriate tennis clothing is required. The Club prefers clothing to be predominantly white. Men must wear shirts with collars. Tennis shoes are required. Shoes must be predominantly white and designed for tennis. T-shirts, tank tops, blue jeans, swim wear, Bermuda shorts, cutoffs, running shorts, team jerseys or uniforms, running shoes and shoes with waffle soles are not appropriate.


Appropriate swim attire of a conservative nature is required. Blue jeans, denim of other colors, cutoffs and running shorts are not appropriate.

Cell Phones & PDSs

In keeping with the personality of the Club, members and their guests are requested to show courtesy to others when using cellphones, tablets or similar devices at the Club. Part of the attraction of the Club is the ability to escape from the hectic connectedness of life. The intention of this policy is to recognize that electronic devices are a reality yet ask members to be respectful of the special character of the Club. The following rules apply:

  1. All devices must be placed on silent mode when entering the Club property.
  2. Making or receiving calls is permitted only in the parking lots.
  3. Passive use of electronic devices (texting, viewing photos, using as reader) is permitted in all areas of the Club. Passive use is expected to be occasional, not excessive.
  4. The use of laptop computers is not permitted except in private meeting rooms.

No Gratuities

No gratuities may be given to any member of the staff.


The Clubhouse and The Lodge are entirely smoke-free. Members and guests are requested to refrain from smoking in outdoor dining areas.


Due to Covid-19, Illinois state guidelines no longer require that masks must be worn at all times inside of the Clubhouse. As state guidelines change we will update our policy.