Over one hundred years ago a group of North Shore residents with keen foresight and a unique vision set out to build a club like no other, drawing members from just four neighboring towns. They turned 250 acres of farmland and the desire for a first-class course, right in their own back yard, into a delightful and challenging course on 120 of those acres. They sought to establish a place where “games and play and entertainment of all kinds may be practiced and pursued." 

While the club has hosted various championships over the years, this “home away from nearby home” has resisted encroachment by external golf events and activities to the delight of members and their neighborhood. Indian Hill’s close sense of community and athletic camaraderie holds true to the original vision, embarked on over a century ago. It remains a revered place for athletic activity and social events with treasured family and friends — and a premier place to welcome new members to the Indian Hill Club family.